Custom Made Badges

Designing the future of badges

With all the different needs and interests people have, the demand for unique badges is growing to represent them.

Robert has been involved in the security industry since 2001, involvement included, alarm response, cash pickup, night patrolman and running day to day office administration including payroll. Robert started this business in 2004. We have been supplying custom ID badges & supplies to Government & security staff for over 20 years, we take pride in your finished product. Contact us for inquiries. 

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Badge Options

Our badges are designed to represent your unique style and interests. From custom designs to pre-made options, we have something for everyone.

Start with the customer – find out what they need and create a badge that represents it.

Our customer`s comment:

Ray Dixon - Hi Robert Received my badges excellent work and a quality finish. They look extremely professional, and quality is excellent. I will have no problem recommending you to my colleagues in the security industry. Well worth the investment Thanks again Ray dixon

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Expertly crafted badge with crown, with a hand finished centre piece, executive wallet has 8 card slots and a full-length cash section. 

Complete with secure stud closure


Stunning badge with epoxy resin finish to protect the face of the badge, designed by the WA bush fire service, and proudly supplied by Security Supplies Australia. 

Wallet has a large ID Window


Designed by the Nauru Police Force and features the Nauru logo in full splendid colour, badge is silver, and the wallet is a large 220 x 70mm. with a large ID Window to display identification.

Proudly supplied by Security Supplies Australia


WORK SAFE TASMANIA - Gold badges with a hand finished centre logo, badge size is 75 x 60 mm and comes with a large ID Wallet with a window protector flap.

Truley stunning piece