Can I Own a Badge?

Our Badges are Available to Licensed Security Staff
Please leave your licence number at checkout, if a collector or purchasing as a gift, leave this information at checkout.


There is no offence in owning a badge. Impersonating an officer is an offence.


Who might own or use a badge for identification purposes?

* Licensed Security Officers

* Licensed Investigators

* Law Enforcement Officers

* Local Government Officers

* Business who need Employee Identification.

Badges can be owned by Security Staff, Collectors, or can be purchased as a gift

What badge should I not use?

* You should not use any badge that resembles a Police badge, these badges flooded eBay and have been purchased by unsuspecting security staff, example below, fines, prison, or both may apply. 

For Your Information, Extract from Victoria Police Website:
If a private security licence and/or registration holder uses a badge which resembles the Victoria Police crest or a badge deceptively similar to that, they may be committing an offence outlined above and they may be charged by Victoria Police.

Victoria Police strongly encourage private security licence and/or registration holders not to use, carry or display these badges to avoid affecting Victoria Police operations, being charged, or having legal action taken against them.

If individuals or companies are currently in possession of these badges, they are encouraged to destroy them or alternatively, return them to a police station or to the LRD.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Should you have any questions please email

Copyright Infringement

This badge, cloth or a wallet badge is a fake copy of the Victoria Police Badge.

Read more from Victoria Police

Our badges are designed not to be in conflict with Law Enforcement badges, remember, it is your responsibility to use our badges in a lawful, professional manner at all times.